Guidance and

Scaling the heights starts with the mind.



We at our department offer mental health support and help to equip you to be the best version of yourself, academically and personally. We focus on providing guidance and counselling for any mental health concerns.

Just as it is important to take care of our physical health, we aim to work towards taking care of our mental health.

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Meet the Team


Hitesh Srimali

Dean Students

Parul Malik

Student Counselor

Dr. Baskar

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Moupriya

Faculty Co-advisor

Abhay Gupta

GCS Coordinator

Awantika Deora

GCS Coordinator

Department Goals

The Mission

To work towards strengthening the students, staff and faculty to be the best version of themselves.

The Vision

To create an environment free of mental health stigma, To increase awareness and build resilience in the campus.

Our Policies


We aim to provide confidential counselling sessions. Privacy of all the students will be maintained. Exceptions: In case of harm to self or others or where there are ant legal implications, confidentiality may be breached upon.

Free of cost

The services are provided free of cost to all the IIT Mandi registered users.


We look forward to learning and taking feedback from you , in order to be able to improve and function better. Your feedback can be shared in writing or in person with GCS Counselor or in an anonymous form in the feedback box placed outside the GCS offce.


The services are provided to all the users. GCS has an anti-discrimination policy. Equal and fair treatment to all.

No stigma

Gcs offers you a safe space to discuss your concerns. Remember: It is okay to not be okay. We are here for you.

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