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"Per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduate institution.

-- Salon Magazine


Innovative & Flexible Curriculum

The B.Tech. programme at IIT Mandi is semester-based with a flexible credit system. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the need to produce well-rounded graduates many of whom will go on to join industry in technical or managerial roles, or to join the administrative services as technocrats, while a few aspire to research careers. A B.Tech. student at IIT Mandi will complete foundation courses in basic sciences, engineering sciences and practice, humanities and social sciences, and the core in his/her chosen discipline. Students have the liberty to take various electives in their discipline to enable them to develop significant knowledge in a specialized area and exposure to research trends and developments. The category of open electives outside the chosen discipline is designed to give the students flexibility to obtain significant inter disciplinary knowledge. Overall, the curriculum encourages and enables students to become well-qualified and well-rounded industry-oriented engineers in all respects. Some highlights of the flexible curriculum:

Design Practicum

The design practicum brings minds and disciplines to converge on a problem and to innovate. Our curriculum is geared towards training innovative design engineers who will be responsible for the products that will become household words in years to come. Throughout the 4 years, a student spends substantial time in the labs and workshops getting hands on experience solving real-world problems. As part of the curriculum, and also on their own initiative, B.Tech. students have designed various products and solutions. IIT Mandi emphasizes on building industry level products that can be put out in the market and not just research prototypes.

Some of these projects include: