ABOUT Information and Help pages. High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster facility is a multi-purpose Linux cluster (Xeon based nodes with Gigabit internode connectivity) devised to address problems that involve heavy computation. HPC facility is available for research and teaching purpose to all members of the academic community of IIT Mandi. The facility currently hosts two sub clusters — CPUHPC ( and GPU HPC ( The CPUHPC cluster hosts compute nodes optimised for cpu-parallel jobs whereas the GPUHPC cluster hosts nodes containing high-end Nvidia GPU cards optimised for gpu intensive parallel jobs.     Glitter and Marquee Link How to create conda environment


     Dated: 20.04.2023

  • The WD shared filesystems allows a maximum of 2TB per account as part of fair usage policy (which was implemented on 13th July 2020).
  • It has been noticed that certain users are not adhering to this fair usage policy and utilising more than 2TB on the cluster depite repeated requests. This recently resulted in a near-full situation which can also crash the filesystem.
  • To prevent such a situation from occurring, starting 18th June 2021, we will be suspending accounts that have more than 2 TB in their WD. Please make sure you decrease your usage by moving the additional data out of the WD.
  • You may use the following command to check the size of your wd folder: “du -h”.
  • You may get back to us in case you have may further questions.
  • PS: please note that the HPC is a computing facility, not a data centre. Also, currently we do not maintain multiple copies of your data. Please ensure that it is backed up on your end. 
  • In case of emergency you can use extra space available on cluster “sdata” to save the data.
Contact us at hpc@iitmandi.ac.in

Only emails sent from official college ids will be entertained for security reasons