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"Per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduate institution.

-- Salon Magazine

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We, here at IIT Mandi, value the relationship we have with our recruiters. Building a campus presence not only enables companies to lay groundwork before the actual hiring process but also helps in them building a repute within the student community. Keeping this in mind, the placement cell helps companies in conducting:

Campus Tours

Send a representative of your company to our institute to interact with the placement cell and get to feel the environment within our young institute. Our ever helpful student volunteers make sure that the representative gets to know everything right from the academic structure and demographics to the momentous research projects which are pursued enthusiastically by groups of B. Techs, M. S. and Ph. D. Students in collaboration.

Pre-Placement Talks

Companies can directly interact with the student community via pre-placement talks and workshops. We encourage you to conduct such talks to get to know our students and give them an opportunity to interact with senior officials of your company. It also helps to strengthen the bond companies share with the institute.

We also help companies in arranging summer/winter internships. This helps companies during the actual hiring process by evaluating the performance of the interns during their term at the company. Any other suggestions or questions regarding the registration and placement procedures are welcome.


The Career and Placement Cell,
IIT Mandi (Kamand Campus)
Himachal Pradesh, India
Phone Numbers: +91-1905-267005/6
Email - placement[at]iitmandi[dot]ac[dot]in

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Tushar Jain

Dr. Tushar Jain

Dr. Prem F. Siril

Dr. Garima Agrawal

Dr. Baskar Bakthavachalu

Dr. Baskar Bakthavachalu

Dr. Parmod Kumar

Dr. Parmod Kumar,

Dr. Dericks P Shukla

Dr. Rameshwar Pratap,

Other members of the Career and Placement Cell are :

Career and Placement Executive
Nimisha +91- 7807625022 nimisha@iitmandi.ac.in
Office Assistant
Ravinder Kumar +91- 9459366121 cnpcell@iitmandi.ac.in
B.Tech Volunteers For Year 2021-2022
Name Contact Number Email Id
Overall Coordinators
Ankit Karan 7667911376 b18159@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Vidhi Desai 8544786022 b18168@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Computer Science and Engineering
Kairav Bansal (CSE Branch Coordinator) +91-9988154700 b18062@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Bhumanyu Goyal +91-6377838426 b18012@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Pratik Kumar +91-9939549845 b18187@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Saksham Barara +91-9877757063 b18190@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Anjali Choudhary +91-09347856084 b19067@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Aryan Goyal +91-9718877971 b19073@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Deepanshu Kumar Gupta +91-7889174900 b19244@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Harnaman Kaur +91-9041590497 b19085@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Niveditha N +91-7012016415 b19098@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Vineet Ahuja +91-9911473244 b19122@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Electrical Engineering
Sudhanshu Chauhan (EE Branch Coordinator) +91-9370552327 b18147@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Ankit Karan +91-7667911376 b18159@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Vidhi Desai +91-8544786022 b18168@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Naveen Maheshwari +91-8219846675 b19175@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Nayan K +91-8905336393 b19176@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Shobhit Rajput +91-8126588271 b19195@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Priyanshu Singh +91-7394941405 b19190@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Mechanical Engineering
Ankit Gupta (ME Branch Coordinator) +91-6388792413 b18008@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Arjun Khanwalkar +91-9897047640 b19239@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Ayush Singh Vardhan +91-9528553052 b19241@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Sahas Goyal +91-8675150000 b19053@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Civil Engineering
Ankit Gupta (CE Branch Coordinator) +91-6388792413 b18008@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Nisha +91-9694644470 b18020@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Kunal kachawa +91-7668853539 b19057@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Shikha +91-6388792413 b18008@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Data Science Engineering
Saksham Barara (DSE Branch Coordinator) +91-9877757063 b18190@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Yash Verma +91-9818722716 b19144@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Yatharth Mogra +91-7568864147 b19272@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Engineering Physics
Bhumanyu Goyal (EP Branch Coordinator) +91-6377838426 b18012@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Jainan Tandel +91-9925233876 b19224@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Nilaksh Pundir +91-6284989635 b19048@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Yuvraj Misra +91-9779008042 b19225@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Bio Engineering
Pratik Kumar (BE Branch Coordinator) +91-9939549845 b18187@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Chirag +91-9466644938 b19006@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Sagar Mishra +91-7352509910 b19016@students.iitmandi.ac.in
PG Volunteers For Year 2021-2022
M.Tech. VLSI
Nishanth Kumar V +91-9380043083 t20250@students.iitmandi.ac.in
M.Tech. CSP
Vineet Kumar Mishra +91-9415846983 t20283@students.iitmandi.ac.in
M.Tech PED
Tuhin Mitra +91-9123051836 t20201@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Soumya Ranjan Nayak +91-9658321451 t20211@students.iitmandi.ac.in
M.Tech MES
Mridul Agarwal +919773660334 t20084@students.iitmandi.ac.in
M.Tech EEM
Sairaj Salunke +91-8369094781 t20043@students.iitmandi.ac.in
M.Tech. STE
Ammar Ahmed +91-7467853847 t20012@students.iitmandi.ac.in
M.Tech. Biotech
Ujjawal +91-8435177995 t20411@students.iitmandi.ac.in
MSc. Chemistry
Samiksha +91-8708456060 v20011@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Aman +91-9255551231 v20040@students.iitmandi.ac.in
MSc. Applied Maths
Hement Kumar +91-7056582951 v20063@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Naman Karol +91-9358104468 v20043@students.iitmandi.ac.in
MSc. Physics
Arun Pandiyan +91-9168180550 v20098@students.iitmandi.ac.in
MA Development Studies
Jasmeet Singh +91-7070360676 a20010@students.iitmandi.ac.in